Reads for January 2017 & Posts

So I’m going to be trying to get through my TBR pile this year. It’s kind of a New Years Resolution to myself. I always buy all these great books, whether it’s the printed version or on my Kindle, and I always forget. I always forget to read these books. I tend to buy all the free books from BookBub or wherever I get an email for free books and read those right away.

Honestly, I’ve always been a huge romance novel reader. The cheesier the better. My aunt liked to call them my “smutty” books. I never cared because I loved reading. As a child, I went read through all the books in my dad’s house and my mom’s house probably by the time I was 13. That’s how I got into romance novels. One year, my mom went to a garage sale and actually got me two garbage bags full of Romance Novels for $2. I think I was a sophomore in high school then. I can’t really remember. I probably finished reading all those books by the time I graduated. I may even had some into my freshman year of college. This was way before the Kindle came out. So I used have stacks of books all over my rooms. I think I donated most of those reads to the maternity ward nurses in the nearby hospital. (I used to work for OB-GYN and she read the books I read while on call).

I digress on the whole point of this post. I wanted to finish reading what I had in my currently reading pile and try to dwindle down my TBR pile a great deal this year. My current goal is to read at least 2-3 of the books I have bought in the last couple of years in my TBR pile.

So my January picks for 2017 are:

  1. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkinsgirl-on-the-train
  2. Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maasempire-of-storms
  3. In the Arms of a Pirate by Michelle Beattiein-the-arms-of-a-pirate

    I know we are already 5 days into the year. But I hope I can keep up with my own reading schedule.



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