February 2017: My Beauty Faves

I have a BIG obsession. Since I started working full-time at my current job, I became obsessed with make-up. I couldn’t go a day without going to MAC or Sephora. It was pretty bad for a while (i.e. two to three years ago). I actually went through all of  my receipts recently and found some dating back to 2012-2011.

I must say that I have calmed down from this obsession. I don’t go out and just buy everything and anything at Sephora now. I actually have a budget because we just bought a house in 2016 and lots of bills to pay (Btw, houses are quite expensive).

Here are some of favorite beauty products this month. Some of these products are limited edition, others you can just go out and buy.

  1. Tarte Tarteist™ Pro Amazonian Clay Paletteimg_6590
  2. Urban Decay – Naked Ultimate Basics Paletteimg_8680
  3. Anatasia Beverly Hills- Master Palette by Mario (Limited Edition)img_1246
  4. Tarte “Bling it On” Amazonian  Clay Blush Palette (Limited Edition)img_4590
  5. stila Stay All Day®, Sparkle All Night Set (Limited Edition)

    (I dont have a picture of this because the lipsticks are actually spreadout all my house.)

  6. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

I use most of these makeup products every day. I have to stay that this month, these are my favorite. Tarte, in the last couple of years, has stepped up their eyeshadow game. I loved their original Tartelette eyeshadows. It is amazing. I love all the matte shades in it. The Tartist has a mostly matte shades but 4 glimmer shades too. It’s a perfect mix.

Urban Decay sometimes is hit or miss, at least for me. I like the Naked collection. I didn’t love the Naked 2 or Naked 3 palette, but I liked the Naked Basics 2. I thought the shadows from Naked 2 or 3 didn’t give a lot of pigment. However, their Naked Ultimate Basics palette was calling to me over the holiday season. I have to say, it is one of favorites right now. I didn’t get to break it out until January 2017. I love using it everyday because it is neutral and perfect for travel. I actually traveled at the end of January and it was convenient for my toiletries bag.

Funny story about the Anastasia Master palette. My aunt (who is a beauty hoarder like me) and I saw this palette before the holiday time. We BOTH actually passed over it during Sephora’s VIB discount sale. And of course, after we read the reviews and wanted to buy it, it was sold out EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere! We called almost every Sephora in Manhattan. All the sales associates said they were sold out. I even went to Ulta and looked all over the internet for it. I didn’t want to buy it on eBay, because sometimes its a little sketchy and the sellers will sell you a knock off for almost double the price. ANYWAYS, my aunt finally found the palette in some unknown Sephora location in the city. I was THIS close to calling in reinforcements from other states to look for me. THANK GOD we found it, because it is to die for. The shadows are creamy and blend well, the pigments are on point. I can’t believe we almost bypassed this palette.

I am also going to be traveling to California next week and then Texas at the end of March. I can’t wait to travel with my favorite products! Most of the products I use are neutral enough that I can take them from day to night.

I have a couple of newer products that I had just bought from both the drugstore, Smashbox and from Sephora this past weekend. I can’t wait to try them. They are a mix of skin care and beauty products. I cannot wait to try them all next month before I review them. So, stayed tune for more reviews 🙂



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